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take them on a trip. "fox and friends" starts in a moment. thank you for sharing your morning with us. have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ it is time to wake up everybody. good morning, it is wednesday november 28th. i will gretchen carlson. guess what is happening on capitol hill? more questions than answers. after governor senators got face time with ambassador rice. who will give them the answers. two important people missing from this conversation. >> steve: brand new data. best and worst states for your money. exclusive results are still ahead on this program, mr. kilmeade. >> brian: is the reason you are single because you travel too much. love may be in the air. a new website helping you to
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find love in the airport. >> steve: stand by. >> brian: "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: finally something to do in the airport. >> brian: well, when you are delay if you are single. >> gretchen: i hate to bring it up so early in the morning there are a lot of jokes about hooking occupy airplanes. 92 this is the terminal and on the ground. >> gretchen: in the club. >> steve: it is different. if you ever spent time all by yourself in the airport and you are single this will appeal to you f. you have somebody who travels a lot. why don't they do it at the airport. >> gretchen: if you are married you will hate this dating site, there could be other hook ups with married people. >> brian: i have an admiral
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pass in my pocket. who is with me. meanwhile, we have a fiscal cliff to climb. her meetings with senators mccain and graham and ayotte created more questions than answers. ambassador susan rice taking her case to two more republicans today. peter doocy has more. >> you are right, brian. ambassador rice will meet with susan collins from maine and bob corker from tennessee . ahead of his meeting that what worries him most about ambassador rice she may be more concerned about delivering the party line than pressuring the administration when it might be off base. three other republican senators met with the embattled ambassador and that meeting did little to quiet their harsh criticism of her job performance. >> i am more concerned than i
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was before that the 15th of september explan of how four americans died in benghazi, libya. >> why she wouldn't have asked i am the person who doesn't know about this and going on every show. it is not only the talking points unclassified but part of her responsibility as the ambassador . united nations she reviewed more than that. >> in a written statement she knows that the intelligence that she based her sunday swars on is wrong and there no spontanous demonstration and saying while we wish we had had perfect information just days after the terrorist attack as is often the case inteleassessment evolve would and neither i nor anyone in the administration intended to mislead the american people in any stage in this progress.
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it all comes as a memo reveals that al-qaida was organized in september to carry out attack in tunisia and egypt and yephen well size libya. much of the focused on benghazi alone. these three embassy assaults deserve scut ninny and they are all connected to the al-qaida-led network. senator carl levin said it is not fair to hold her responsible for the original talking points since she did not produce them and the intelligence community stood by them. >> gretchen: there is no shock there. democrats will support susan rice. >> brian: i was stunned by yesterday. >> gretchen: this entire thing is a political football. this is what it is all about and i would add to the equation do we also have the f.b.i. and the secretary of
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defense and the director of the cia potentially playing that political football game? that would be a huge problem if it were more than just politics. mr. 1: they play hard ball in washington on everything . and unfortunately for susan rice her charm offensive back fire wanted to make nice and made things worse and here is the problem for her going forward. if the administration places her name in confirmation. senators graham and ayotte would place holds on her name. senates have 53 democrats . coming up in january they will have 55 and they need 60. and they need five republicans g to get on board and that could be tough sleeding. >> b rian: it is it a almost a joke. mccain and graham and ayote and why are yoa acquiescing .
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they are flabber gasted after the meeting. we got nothing out of this and i have more questions than before and at 4:00 playing to your point with the cia placed a call and they came out and said acting director morell stated that the cia now says that it deleted the al-qaida references and not the f.b.i.. so they were unable to give a reason why. and they can't get it straight on who deleted the references to an al-qaida inspired attack. >> steve: the head of the cia said the f.b.i. did it and had to walk it back . the cia call would and said it was not the f.b.i., it was us sorry and we can explain why we did it? >> gretchen: and why is the big question here. in my mind it is politics and in my mind, we may never know. why two people know the real
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story, president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton and how are we going to get answers from them? we talked about it weeks. >> brian: her testimony is coming to capitol hill. >> gretchen: how do you get the president because the press corp up until this point hasn't asked questions about it and the presidents each question for 10 minutes and they don't get a chance to answer the questions. how are we going to get the answers or just get more press releases from susan rice. >> steve: you have to hope the truth comes out. liz cheney was on hannity talking about where the president is on all of this. >> this is clear they don't have an answer. if they had one we would have heard it by now. we heard so many changes from the story. we haven't heard from the president or secretary of state. we had the white house
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spokesman say with great disdain for the american people that it is an obsession that we have wanting to know what happened. four americans were left to die and the president of the united states has not come out and said here's why i made the decisions i made . where in the world is secretary clinton? it seems to me the senators not only should they not confirm ambassador rice under any circumstances. but will not confirm anybody secretary clinton gives a full and complete testimony. under oath. >> steve: and hopefully on television. >> gretchen: the question remains why secretary of state hillary clinton was not the one to go out on the talk shows. >> brian: she was exhausted and wanted to spepped a weekend at home. >> gretchen: she wants to run for president she will answer the question it is. >> brian: she doesn't. >> gretchen: yes, she does. three managers in the bang
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ladesh factory were accused of locking the doors shut and telling workers that the fire alarms were a drill and get back to work. many people were trapped in the fire as there were no emergency exits and the factories makes clothes that are shipped to the united states. >> steve: we could hear from the soldier charged with the biggest secretary breach. army first class bradley manning expected to testify. he was illegally punished. manning was accused of putting american soldiers in danger. if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. former senator bob dole is expected to be released from the hospital. he had a routine procedure in walter reed. the presidential nominee and vice-president presidential nominee will turn 90. he was seriously wounded in
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italy in world war ii and spent more than three years in the hospital at the time. fighting for equal rights on the battlefield, four u.s. servicemen and women are suing the military. there argue there are no clear front lines and women find themselves engaged in combat. they are deny promotion because many leadership positions come with combat jobs. >> steve: taking you back to a time a day in miami in the airport at 2011. a fella sitting at the bar and thinking. there is people i would like to get to know. >> brian: he was noticing that people were looking at other people >> chris: we need something to do. he came up with the idea of a dating website and getting to meet people at the i just looked at it on line.
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right now they have 20,000 members and actually if you are alone and spend time in the airport. >> brian: you are either alone or not. so far the people of the united states, and mexico and germany showed the most interest. he has members from around the world. i don't understand if you have to plan before you go to airport to meet someone in the airport. you just ad-lib. >> steve: lay over at dallas at this time and maybe meet for a drink. >> gretchen: everybody is on the laptops and all of the sites are set up. and maybe they are e-mailing information. hey, i am over here to the right of you four seats down having a glass of chardonnay. i worry about this site. >> brian: why. i can't see how it is a problem. >> gretchen: really. >> steve: i have no idea how it could get out of control>> gretchen: there is a lot of
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married men and women who travel a lot. >> steve: you can't trust them in the airport you can't trust them in the grocery store either. >> gretchen: i am not sure you are drinking wine at the grocery store >> chris: you haven't come to my store it is a social safeway. >> gretchen: really meet up in the section. >> brian: this is what i like about american and we like peope . people who meet people are the luckiest people in the world. and you take the entrepreneurship. >> gretchen: is that the a barbara stride land. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprise federal she sang a song like that. it takes the entrepreneur spirit. how do you make money. sell ads on meet at the >> steve: or perhaps share a drink with a stranger in a toltly safe environment . anybody who out on a bliped date. when was the time everybody screened. no one has a gun or knife and
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relatively safe. >> brian: have somebody else pat down your future date. you have no metal on you. >> gretchen: you could have patting going on once you get on the airport which is my concern as well >> steve: you might not be on the same plane. terminal for your marriage. >> gretchen: no kidding. let us know what you think about that. e-mail us and twitter us as well. >> brian: coming up at 6:20. how to choose a husband. we have a lot of relationship stuff. >> gretchen: that will an interesting discussion. >> steve: welcome back sally jesse. which country is more free. united states of america or canada. ruments of a survey. the results are stunning. >> gretchen: more and more men say they will never get married. so what? the reason? women are not women anymore. last time i looked they were.
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the story has everyone talking. ♪ ♪
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>> steve: you may be free but not as free as you think. the new report on fiscal liberty to which the states in the union are able to engage. we have a senior fellow with the independent institute that joins us. good morning to you, benjamin. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: great to have you. we have people in all 50 states watching right now. what is the good news for the people of the united states of america? >> good news is not coming out of this report, steve. this report what it shows over the last five years, economic freedom in the 50 states
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declined half a point which translate in reall standard of living differences. we find a one point increase associated with a 13,000 per person increase in income. we are talking about real losses and 7000 per person close to it. >> steve: we have got a map that is going to show the states with the highest amount of economic freedom and the states with the highest amount of freedom are delaware and nevada and south dakota and illinois and georgia and nebraska and utah. what are they doing rightt. >> the main index measures the size of government and taxation and labor market regulation in those states. they are having a smaller government that puts a smaller burden on the people than new mexico and west virginia and mississippi of the united states . the result is, those states
3:19 am
tend to be richer on average than the states that regulate economic freedom away more. >> steve: you mentioned the states with the lowest economic freedom and we'll put that map up as well you touched on them a couple of moments ago. bad news for the people of the united states. canada is eing us? >> yes, people associate the united states as one of the freer nations of the world. this is changing in particular over the last 10 years. with perspect, it is the case of the tallest dwarf. we could be more heck than we always have been. but relative to the nations of the world we are declining rapidly. the united states went from the second freest in 2000 to dropping 16th in the world ranking behind canada this year and we look at average u.s. state. it is less free than the
3:20 am
average canada province. >> thank you, professor for sharing the bad news with us this morning. >> great good morning, isn't it. >> steve: thank you, benge powell,. taxpayers shelling out big buckings for teachers getting plastic surgery. we are talking about millionings of dollars and the story that has everybody talking, next. more and more men say they will never get married, the reason is that women are not women anymore. sorry. ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken,
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>> 23s after the top of the hour. quick headlines. pakistan's military test fired a nuclear capable missile launch happened from an
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undisclosed location. it was able to build conventional and nuclear war heads 800 miles and that is not good. tax dollars at work. people in buffalo new york. spent 2.7 million so teachers could get plastec surgery. procedures provided under the great union contracts. gretch you and brian. >> gretchen: thank you very much, steve. we heard about the war on women in the presidential campaign. is there a war on men, too. the next cites that's the reason marriage stats are down. >> 50 percent adults were married in 2011 compared to 72 percent in 1960. we'll ask susan banker who is the author of this book. how to choose a husband and make peace with marriage. the rise of women in society
3:25 am
ticked off men, is that correct. >> hi, guyings, how are you and thanks for having me on. it is a interesting ride the last 48 hours with this arcticle. i would like to begin behy saying what the message is not. it is not about women "returning to their former lives and roles as a 1950s house wifes and being submessive and not working outside of the home" and being do sile and obedient. this is a issue of gender relations that needs to be addressed from a different angle. i wrote this arcticle related to the book that is coming out. my book is not on what is the war on men? we had a lot of books and arcticles that came out . questioning the gender relations from the point of what men need to do differently or better. if you go back a few years
3:26 am
ago. men necessary more endowed and end of men and big focus on single women and how being a single woman is the new in thing. hold on i am trying to generate conversation from a different angle. >> gretchen: i respect that and that is an important issue to talk b. marriage is tough. i don't care if the woman or man works or not. marriage a process. could it be marriage stats are down culturally it is more acceptable to have children outside of wedlock? >> absolutely. there is definitely more to the story than the arcticle. that arcticle. they are meant to be provocative and a piece to present the book. you can't say a lot in arcticles. absolutely there is more to the equation and we need to study what is happening to marriage. >> brian: we can't assume that everyone read your arcticle. the premise is, the rise of
3:27 am
women ticked off men to the point where they are not in to marriage. the stats don't lie and the numbers don't add up for men. i see the rise regardless. i am on my own here. >> i am trying to show a link more about the attitude toward marriage that corresponded with the so-called rise with pem and in terms of where marriage is on the radar. you have young people who pride themselves focusing on the career they have. and >> gretchen: what is wrong with that. unless you are going to have kids, what is wrong with that? and what you say in the arcticle. women are angry and men don't like angry women and the reason they are angry. they are going to work and making something out of their lives i put my daughter to
3:28 am
bed. i can say you can be anybody you want to be . why i pay her money to go to school . i am confounded by the message here, because i don't think just because women work outside of the home they are angry people. >> i don't either. that's thott what i said in the arcticle. you said what is wrong with focusog a career. if this isn't apply to you and somebody who doesn't want to get married and have kids. there are exceptions to the rule. but most people want to have families and what you have today is women who are specifically trying to do it the opposite than when women went to college and find a husband. they flip that and that is fine. but the focus has shifted so greatly that there is no thought to marriage and motherhood and how it fits in
3:29 am
the other core focus and what is happening for a lot of people. attitude of marriage is one that is going to keep you from becoming something. and i am saying that attitude in general is what is harming people. you are carrying it with you. there was an interview with sandra bullock and barbara walters. i always thought of marriage as being the end of who i am. and that struck me. i see that and no way you can't see that. in young people. >> gretchen: that is a horrible role model message. and i . to say marriage and kids are the most important thing in my life and i am not so sure every woman who gets married and works feels the same way. >> brian: you are a mom and married and the advice to is perhaps legality the man put out the trash even if you have it in your hand already. >> you know what, that is my point and you did that really
3:30 am
well. you don't have to be in charge all of the time and it is okay to depend on the guy and let him be your prince charming and that's gotten lost in the female empowerment hear me roar. you can absolutely work and have that life. don't let it infiltrate in a relationship that is about intimacy and. >> dont let her go down first and you go down and grab the guy. even if she is a female boxer. >> gretchen: could it be that women are angry and if they are and we accept your premise. could they be angry because they are work bringing home the bacon and maybe the men aren't helping out as much as they might like them to? >> you hear that in the media, i would have to say the
3:31 am
opposite. you see men today that are completely from my father's generationn. they have the snuglies and target on wednesday . what more at this point can they do. they are supposed to bringg home the bacon and on top of doing the work at home as well and they are still not doing enough. when does it end? >> brian: as a man, i will take control. it is over, all right. susan bacon thank you so much. thank you very much men. how to choose a husband is the arcticle of your book and the arcticle is getting people talking. >> thank you for having >> gretchen: everyone can make up their own mind. >> brian: i rather they agree with me. talk about dralm a. melrose drama star behind bars and convicted of homicide? >> and it tax. not until you take it out. but is that about to change now.
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store. here's the video. the president buying the books. we'll go over and show books you are getting. and okay, get out -- five minutes. and look at that. >> >> steve: funny. not true. fiscal cliff. what is the fiscal cliff. what that means right now all of the taxings for the most part are scheduled to go up and spending cuts are sposed to go in place and if that is not enough. democrats are insisting that alongg with the fiscal cliff there should be an agreement on raising the debt limit. >> brian: billionns or trillions. going to hit the ceiling. you want to know how it relate to you. it is 2000 per family and everyone making a certain amount of money. we could be heading to this. and it is not to anyone's ben
3:37 am
benefit to go over the cliff. there is a push to how to get manage done. president of the united states is going on the campaign traill through a series of rallies. >> steve: to a tinker toy factory. >> brian: get yourself up to lincoln log jacks on the way home. >> gretchen: this is disconcerting once again. instid of members that we elect to congress to get things done for us. they can't sit in the room for a photoop and now back out on the campaign trial and people making youtube videos about what they think about the fiscal cliff. that's what the administration is asking people to do to convince members of congress to vote. what about saving that time and actually doing the job we elected you to do to sit in the room and get something done. >> steve: according to the president's side. he learned a valuable lesson
3:38 am
in the summer of 2011 when they tried to get a grand bargain with john boehner. he will negotiate with the congress. we'll go out campaign style. it never ends . gretch mentioned twitter, they have launchhed a hash tag my 2 k to get people to explain how it impacts them. it is turning out to be a dud. >> brian: two things to be noted. dick durbin gave the encouraging quote. everything should be on the table. we have to get ourselves out of i had to read it three times because he is number two ranking democrat. and i read behind the scenes, it is a disaster in terms of negotiations moving forward . the word they are using is pathetic about the lack of
3:39 am
progress. >> steve: logger heads. >> gretchen: which is what i am talking about. this is the quote that steve hayes brought up on the special report on fox news. when president obama was first elected he talked about how to bring down the deficit and campaign promise to cut it in half and he would do it by focusing on entitlement reform. >> steve: there is the national debt right now. >> gretchen: why doesn't he bring the people to the table and say dick dishin. let's put it all on the table and let's talk about them instead of going out on air force one and getting people to use twitter >> chris: the american society of pensional they have a warning called. if congress does change yourr tax rate, there is a possibility that you might have big changes to your 401 k. last time congress made changes in congress. 70 percent of the 401 k
3:40 am
contributions droppped and the worry is people will stop putting in and we'll stop save that is never good. >> brian: we are not supposed to be able to tax that. and we'll be able to get it out when we are 81 years old. and the other stories making news. brand new video out of syria show rebels shooting down a military helicopter. you can hear them chanting allah is great. and the chopper plunges to the ground and first time they down a helicopter. it sounds like the first time. >> steve: you watch. they will try it again. how is this for airport security. this is a security breach in atlanta's big airport. a woman in the airport parking lot throws a bag over the fen.
3:41 am
and the worker climbs the fence to grab it. airport officials are investigating and working on identifying the airline employee in the video . that is against the rules . >> steve: okay, folks, it is not a fictional drama for a melrose place star. amy locane who played sando the show was found guilty of vehiclar homicide while killing a woman while driving drunk. she admitted to drinking wine before getting behind the wheel. she faces 10 years in prison. >> brian: many people digging out after a snow storm in the northeast. messy ride. >> steve: i was doing that last night. messy ride for the community. and maybe this morning and a
3:42 am
mix of rain and snow. keep in mind and be careful. it is really slipppery in a number of places. those slushy roads last night are icy this morning. >> brian: quicklyy looking at the maps and find out where it is rain snowing. >> steve: first map. there you go. action in the pacific as you can see. tt's it. >> gretchen: a quick forecast. you want to win $500 million? that's the record powerball jackpot. people lining up and hoping to get lucky. they join us life in new york. is that the store, robert? >> brian:ip - >> good morning to you and everyone. how much money are we talking about? ever -- $500 million and half billion is at stake . give you perspective. lump sum cash pay out is 327
3:43 am
million before taxes. i certainly would take it. it is played in 42 states and the districtt of clummia and u.s. virgin islands. winning tonight, your chances are longg. one in 175 millionn. and but really, who cares. >> i am going to buy myself a island. >> i would spoil my family and then build my house with one dollar bills and sit in it. that's what i would do. >> remember where you buy your ticket matters. each state takes. go to pennsylvania and delaware. they don't take out any lottery taxes. that is the latest life from the east side of new york . back to you guys. good luck. but not too good luck because
3:44 am
i want to win. >> steve: who is up for a road trip to delaware and pennsylvania. >> brian: and a woman who is a pro choice republican. congresswoman capito here next. >> gretchen: we'll go live to the autoshow. [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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>> >> gretchen: if you are just waking up here is a great story. despite west virginia going to mitt romney democrats dominate state wide in offices. meaning it is an uphill battle for our next guest. she is a feprail representative and prochoice. shellie capito announced her candidaciy for the senate seat. what challenges lie ahead for her? joining me is west virginia
3:48 am
congresswoman shellie moore capito. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: you are garnering a lot of attention, why is that? >> even thope the past election just ended, there is always excitement about the next one and i think that a chance to pick up a seat in west virginia for republican system good news and i want to get out there early to garner as much support as i could. >> steve: you would be the first woman senator from west virginia. >> i would be and we haven't had a republican since the 1950s. >> steve: you would be going up against j. rockefeller . what is different about your candidacy? >> i better reflectt what west virginia's are thinking. we have coal and natural gas losing their jobs particularlyy in the coal industryy and we need all of the above plan that gets
3:49 am
people back to work and uses natural resources and solution are found in the private sector and not in the expansion of government. and i also life and have raised my family in west virginia and i am a west virginiian obviously and sometimes we need diversit yei hope to put that in as a united states senator. >> gretchen: there is talk about the fact that republicans need to figure out how to reach out more to women and minority and you are a pro choice republican, is that one way to do it or have you faced criticism for that. >> i haven't faced criticism. most people are economics. i am in my 50s who have children that i want to make sure they have opportunity to find jobs and am caring for my partners and make sure the safety net is there. economic issues drive american
3:50 am
women more so than a social issue talked about in the campaign. we as republicans have the solutions. but we have poorlyy communicated that and i am excited about being a woman running for senate and i am proudd to say i am a greatt republican who believes our solution will help women in my age bracket help those children and have a better life. >> steve: it is interesting that you bring up the economy because that was and is important as well shell, you hope to be a senator at some point in our life. thanks for being our guest today. >> thank you >> chris: it is the other white meat that can make you sick. >> gretchen: what you need to know. and until now. no one is in there yet except a guy named doug. he is in la and will show us
3:51 am
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3:57 am
coming up. giving the invocation . president obama's inauguration . what does pastor rick warren think about the country. he called his own show filth. and another stunner. a turn aroundd. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. help you're gonna have a fantastic day. it's wednesday, november 28, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. another round of meetings with ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, set for today, but two important people are missing from the conversation. can you guess who they are? if you know who they are, e-mail us now. we're live in washington. >> brian: that's your own type of cliff hanger. >> steve: taking the christmas out of the sale of christmas trees and get this, it was just for christmas. brian, back to you. >> brian: you sure? >> steve: positive. >> brian: all right. i'll keep it here. the story you'll be talk being
4:01 am
all day. more and more men say they will never get married because women aren't women anymore provocative? yes. i think so. gretchen is going to puncheon a second. "fox & friends" is going to start right now. >> gretchen: i just think it's a provocative conversation because when i woke up this morning and took a shower and looked down, i still had to put a bra on. >> brian: that's right. >> gretchen: i'm still a woman. and i love being a woman and i absolutely love my feminine side. >> brian: i looked down and we didn't put on bras. >> gretchen: you put on a cup. >> brian: absolutely, 'cause this is a tough business we've chosen. >> steve: you got that right. it's all about an op ed on >> brian: we didn't have gym today, we didn't have to wear a
4:02 am
cup. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, her meeting with senators mccain, graham and ayotte creating more questions instead of answers. now ambassador susan rice taking her case back to capitol hill to talk to two more republicans, peter doocy live in washington with more on her day. >> gretchen: peter, i know you're chuckling because you didn't hear any of that first part of the conversation, did you? >> no, i heard it. i'm just going to keep it going. ambassador rice has meetings with republican senator bob corker and republican senator susan collins this morning, just a day after she met with three other republican senators who used words like disturbed and troubled to describe their feelings once the closed door back and forth was done. >> i'm more disturbed now than i was before that the 16 september explanation about how four americans died in benghazi, libya, by ambassador rice. >> why she wouldn't have asked,
4:03 am
i'm the person that doesn't know anything about this, i'm going on every single show. but in addition, the fact that it's not just the talking points that were unclassified, but clearly part of her responsibility as an bahamas -- ambassador she review more than that. >> carl levin is defending rice, saying it is unfair to hold her responsible for the talking points she based her now infamous sunday show ans on since she didn't produce them and the intelligence community defined them. rice is speaking up saying, quote, while we certainly wish we had had perfect information days after the terrorist attack as is often the case, the intelligence assessment evolved. we stress that neither i nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the american people at any stage in this process. the back and forth about who knew what and when comes as a newly obtained congressional memo prepared by a fellow at the foundation for defense of democracy reveals u.s. interests
4:04 am
in egypt, yes, ma'amen and tunisia were targeted by al-qaeda, in addition to their raid on the consulate in benefiting and the memo reads, quote, while much of the public debate has focused on the attack in benghazi alone, they deserve closer scrutiny. they are related to the al-qaeda network. ambassador rice is still recorded adds the front run torre place hillary clinton, although democratic senator dick durbin said yesterday he's not sure she could get the 60 votes needed for senate confirmation and he would try to get the votes together, but it's up to the president to nominate her first. >> steve: peter, thank you very much. her offensive yesterday was when the going gets tough, you got critics, go talk to them face-to-face. instead of making it better, she actually made it worse. then she brought along the acting director of the c.i.a. and he completely botched it. they were asked okay, so who
4:05 am
changed the talking points? the c.i.a. guy said yep, i did. well, they called about 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon and the c.i.a. told capitol hill, you know what, it turns out the c.i.a. changed the talking points, but we can't tell you why because, well, we can't tell you why. >> brian: we had the director of the c.i.a. two weeks ago on capitol hill say, i don't know who changed it. i don't care what the acting director says now, but the guy in charge said he didn't change it. for the acting director to blame the f.b.i. and then take ultimate responsibility is like james clapper, you can not take ultimate responsibility because you denied even knowing anything. you can't change your story. >> steve: it gets worse. >> gretchen: here is the thing, the more confusing it gets, is it true that the more the american public tunes out? >> brian: no. >> gretchen: or the more they tune in? that's my question today. because if the theory is that they're just trying to muddy the waters and throw around all these he said, she said things, does it make it more -- do people kind of throw up their
4:06 am
hands -- >> brian: she wants this issue to go away. >> gretchen: or do people come back to the point that four americans were murdered in benefiting, libya? does anyone by the way, still care about that? >> steve: we all do. but a poll came out yesterday that said regarding libya, it was bad fort administration. they had botched the response and the lead-up and the whole works. meanwhile, john bolton, who was our union i wouldn't know ambassador to -- united nations ambassador, he said what he's seen so far, this is not good. >> i'll just put it this way based on my own experience in government, nobody who is truly competent reads talking points for any purpose. if you're good enough to be a senior american official, you ought to be able to use your own words. i'm not saying you make up policy. you obviously follow policy as set by the president. but the notion that you can be a cabinet level official and be given talking points that you
4:07 am
simply parrot without further question is mind boggling. >> brian: i'll add this, if you want to know if ambassador rice is capable of being the secretary of state, you have to look at her background. stanford, great schools, right? oxford, i heard is a very good school. not a community college. so i heard that's pretty impresssive. she worked for candidates kerry and dukakis, but she was national security advisor with bill clinton, at which time bill clinton made ace hug best mistake, allowing the genocide to go forward in rwanda and she was working with richard clark when she said do you want bin laden and clinton said it's not worth it. where was she during this? where was she? >> gretchen: it's obvious, it's obvious that president obama is going to nominate susan rice. >> steve: i don't think so. >> gretchen: oh, because you know what? she's going to meet with a moderate republican today, susan collins, and it will be
4:08 am
interesting for me to hear what susan collins, because sometimes she sides with the democrats and sometimes with the republicans. >> brian: she's on the record very critical of her. >> steve: sure. and the other moderate republican she'll meet with is bob corker from tennessee who says his meetings with rice have been transparent and open burks he also says of rice, she always reminds me of someone who has every drop of kool-aid, espousing 100% whatever the administration is putting forward. will she be able to charm a couple of republicans? let's find out if today goes as badly as yesterday did. >> gretchen: the rest of your headlines, for the first time we could hear from the soldier charged with the biggest security breach in u.s. history. army private first class bradley manning. he's expected to testify today. he's been legally punished after -- that's what he says, after being locked up alone for nine months. being accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to wikileaks and putting american soldiers in danger. if convicted, he could spend the
4:09 am
rest of his life behind bars. a study finds the history white meat can make you sick. "consumer reports" tested about 200 raw samples of pork from supermarkets across the country and found 69% of them contained bacteria -- you know that one? >> brian: it's feared. >> gretchen: the good news, it can be killed as long as the pork is cooked long enough. we've always known this, you need to cook your pork. fighting for equal rights on the battlefield. four service women are suing the military to sue in direct battle condition. they argue there is no longer a clear definition of front lines and women find themselves engaged in combat anyway. they also say they're denied promotion because leadership positions come with the combat jobs. first he trashed his own show, calling it filth. >> "two and a half men," if you watch "two and a half men," please don't watch it. i'm on "two and a half men," i don't want to be on it.
4:10 am
please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> gretchen: now that guy, angus t. jones who plays jake on "two and a half men" offering a an apology. he released a statement saying, quote, i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to -- and disrespect with my colleagues. officials at cbs and warner brothers declined to comment about his web rant. the 19-year-old remains under contract fort rest of the season, earning $350,000 an episode. those are your headlines. >> steve: shocking. >> brian: it is. charlie sheen said the show was cursed. >> steve: let's talk about a segueway we did the last hour. a woman who has written three books on the american family and relationships and stuff like that, she's got an opinion piece on and says according to a poll by pugh, more women want to get married. less men do and she says this. some men are never getting married because women aren't women anymore. they are angry, defensive because they've been raised to
4:11 am
think of men as the enemy. she says after decades of brow beating, the men are actually tired of being told there is something wrong with them, tired of being told that if women aren't happy, it's the guy's fault. >> brian: by the way, the numbers dropped in men who want to get married, period. nine points over the last few years where women were asked, they said it's even more important. men are going the other direction. why is that? suzanne banker was live with us. >> you don't have to be in charge all the time. it's okay to depend on a guy and it's okay to let him be your prince charming. those aren't bad things. and that's gotten lost in this whole female empowerment, hear me roar. you can absolutely work and have that life, but don't let it infiltrate into this relationship that's supposed to be about intimacy and not about power. >> gretchen: but it's so much more complicated than that. one of the things that i think that marriage has gone down is because it's become more acceptable to have children without getting married. that would be the first -- i think there has been a breakdown
4:12 am
of family values which, to me, is the biggest disappointment in society right now. i think that has so much more to do with why people are not getting married more than anything. >> steve: something is going on because less guys want to get married to women. or maybe -- >> gretchen: that's fine of the i think the only reason you need to get married is if you want to have kids. >> steve: jerry says i agree with the guest. i have a daughter o who wishes her husband was more aggressive in the man department. she gets tired of having to make a lot of important decisions with career and motherhood. >> gretchen: exactly. that may be why women are angry, 'cause they're doing everything. >> brian: 'cause men aren't being men. cindy says -- you do it. >> gretchen: men are avoiding marriage because of angry women. women are angry because they are now expected to work full time, do the lion share of the day-to-day running of the household and child care planning. >> brian: looks like she's doing something about her life. i agree with suzanne in i think
4:13 am
it's more divided than ever. there is a whole generation of men who never changed a diaper before. now you change them on the side for extra money. >> steve: i do. and my kids are in their 20s. >> brian: you still remember. >> gretchen: let us know what you think about this. here is the bottom line, when you talk about gender issues like this, you're never going to agree. nobody is ever going to agree with what brian thinks, what i think, what steve thinks and that's what makes the conversation interesting. >> brian: this inn this situation, brian and steve are wrong and i'm right. >> gretchen: i just tried to be diplomatic. >> brian: we can't be. >> gretchen: okay. >> brian: there is no place in a relationship for that. coming up, hoping to win the powerball? your chances are pretty darn good if you live in one particular state. >> steve: state of confusion. and three weeks after the election, the president is on the road again. he's trying to sell tax hikes. is that really the solution? stuart varney on the road to studio e. he's next [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices
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>> brian: as america heads for the toward the fiscal cliff, lawmakers and the white house are at an impasse on the solution. instead of staying in washington and hammering out some type of compromise with sweat on your brow, the president is going on the campaign trail again. stewart, say it ain't so, please. we just got done with this! >> the president is again the chainer in chief. he takes to the road this week. he's meeting with business leaders today. he's enlisted the support of the unions who are saying no cuts to entitlements. no entitlement reform. just tax the rich more. three big unions have taken out big ad campaign saying no cuts to entitlements, don't reform
4:18 am
them. just tax the rich more. it's a campaign all over again. and at this moment, the democrats and the president have not given one inch, to my knowledge, on any entitlement reform or entitlement cuts. >> brian: he's going to go to tinker toys, to some odd manufacturing plants. the only thing i could picture him saying is it's time to lift the bush tax rates from the rich and make them pay more. what else could he possibly be talking about? >> he's sticking it to house republicans. i won the election. i campaigned on higher tax rates for the rich. that's what we're going to do. whether he mentions entitlement reform or not, i don't know. but there is no plan on the table at the the moment for the other side of the debate, which is how it affects the spending problem. >> brian: he's also going to talk about how the going over the cliff will affect middle class families and how he's trying to avoid all that. this was asked of jay carney yesterday. how could the president be going out and about. here is what he said. >> we are all here, those of us
4:19 am
in the administration and those who have been elected to congress, to serve the american people. so to suggest we should -- now that the election is over, stop talking to them about these vital issues i think is bad advice. >> perhaps they should start negotiating. we've got a deadline that's coming right up to us. i think the deadline is right before christmas. it really probable israeli not the last week of december. it's right before christmas. that's very, very close. that fiscal cliff looms. that would be massive tax increases, huge spending cuts and a recession. we should be negotiating as we head towards that deadline. the president is campaigning. >> brian: sadly, the "washington post" reports the insider talk is that the negotiations are one word, pathetic. >> that's from the "washington post"? >> brian: from the "washington post." >> that's news to me and that's a shocker. "washington post" says negotiations are pathetic, that means nothing. >> brian: all right. stuart varney, coming up at 9:20
4:20 am
eastern time, varney and company will discuss this and more n yes, sir, we shall. >> brian: on the "fox business" network. thanks for coming in. at 21 minutes after the top of the hour, first he took christmas out of tree, then the governor of rhode island wanted to pull the plug on the entire christmas celebration. this morning there is a big story update on this. the war on christmas continues. dolly parton hanging out with gretchen. what does she think about men and men getting married and men not being men and women wanting to be men? what do they think about all that? those two dressed in purple will talk about it and stuart varney will listen from wherever he'll be perched [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> steve: news by the numbers. powerball edition with two people. us. >> brian: right. 105,000, that's how many tickets are sold every minute in 42 states. expect a rush today for the record $500 million jackpot. next. >> steve: 83 million. that's how much has been spent in florida alone on powerball tickets. that's more than any other state. in the past, the sunshine state has only produced four winners, perhaps tonight will be the night for that guy. >> brian: thanks, steve. i'll pretend you tossed it back to me. first, 38. that's how many winners hail from indiana, making it the luckiest state in the country. sorry, 49 others and commonwealth of puerto rico. >> steve: who is your winner? indiana. >> brian: i get it. who will toss to gretch. ready? >> steve: gretch. >> brian: i was going to choose. >> gretchen: thanks for the jinx, guys. rhode island governor lincoln chaffey backtracking now after his spokesperson earlier this
4:25 am
week said that there would be no tree lighting ceremony at the state house even though it's christmas. last year protesters crashed his ceremony after he referred to the tree as a holiday tree instead of christmas tree. rhode island state representative held a installer ceremony last year and plans to do so again this year. she gets prepared to come on tv. she joins us live this morning. so great to speak with you again. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. merry christmas. >> gretchen: now they're going to -- they're brushing dust off of me because that was happening to you. thank you very much, brian, for eating away 30 seconds of miff interview time. let's talk about this ridiculous situation that's going on in your state because you and i have had previous conversations. what the heck is going on with christmas in rhode island? >> well, we're not quite sure yet. we're still trying to figure it all out ourselves. there was going to be a tree lighting, then not a tree lighting. now we're having another tree
4:26 am
lighting. it's still going to be called a holiday tree and we still don't have a date and time yet. so that's what we're waiting for. >> gretchen: i know last year you decided in defense of people who still believe in christmas, which fox news alert, i believe it's about 88% of society in america -- you decided to have your own christmas tree lighting. correct? >> yes. we did. we're going to do the same thing this year. i plan on having a little low key in my office at the state house. we're going to have people bring canned goods. we'll have people write christmas cards to the troops. i will pay for the postage to send them all out. we'll have santa claus and we're going to have a christmas tree lighting and we'll make it very family oriented, community oriented and we're going to support our troops that way as well. >> gretchen: a lot of people, for whatever reason, will look at this interview today and they'll say, gretchen carlson and doreen costa are nuts because they think that there is this made up war on christmas. we're not nuts, are we? there is a war on christmas!
4:27 am
>> there is a war on christmas. the problem is, gretchen, it's not just rhode island. i've been getting e-mails and calls and letters from all overt country. so why does christmas have to be attacked? we don't attack any other religion? you can believe and worship whatever you want so let us be. if people have a problem with christmas, maybe they should work that day and not have the day off. >> gretchen: christmas was made an official holiday to honor the birth of somebody called jesus christ. >> exactly. >> gretchen: it's unbelievable tomorrow that we try to cover that up. so what is the governor's intentions, lincoln chaffey? he's on a roll, he's going to be the official pc governor of rhode island and that's what he's going to be remembered for. what's up with him in. >> i'm not quite sure. i'm going to try to give him a call today. one thing about governor chaffey, he's good about calling me back. i'll call him today and see if i can have a conversation with him and see if we can get an exact date and then we can start the planning and the great thing about this is we're not in
4:28 am
session right now. so the more people can come in and the state house is open. it's the people's house. so i think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, why is it in our society today that people who have personal conviction and traditional values that they want to hold on to near and dear to their heart and they want them for their kids, too, why are we the ones who are under attack? >> i'm not quite sure, gretchen. but i can tell you right now is i won't compromise on this and this can keep every year and every year. when this story first broke, everybody started coming to me. i had no plans on really doing anything, to be honest with you. and all of a sudden, my phone was ringing and the e-mails were coming in. like can you please take a stand for us? so that's what i'm doing. and we're going to celebrate christmas if the governor wants us to or not. >> gretchen: all right. we're almost to december 1. i would love to be able to say merry christmas to you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next on
4:29 am
the rundown, the trouble with schools for everyone to see, one teacher posting test answers that are almost too ridiculous to believe. and your e-mails are pouring in on this one. more and more men saying they never want to get married. it's so complicated. dolly parton weighs in on that one of the guess what? she's a safe made woman. she happens to be married, too this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am on the naughty list again? ho ho ho!
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4:33 am
>> the chinese are now planning to construct the world's tallest building and they say that by using modular construction, they'll be able to build five stories a day. five new stories a day. that's like the white house trying to explain benghazi. five new stories a day. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: comedians finally taking on the administration. remember the day back in time when they said there was nothing funny to talk about? >> brian: six years, five years later, they crashed. >> steve: speak of funny, dolly parton has a funny, bright, touching book "dream more." she'll be with us to talk about it. it comes out today. >> brian: how do you know this? >> gretchen: what's so exciting is she's here in person. usually we're talking to you from dollywood. >> that's true. >> gretchen: today we have her on the couch.
4:34 am
it's an honor. >> brian: the reason why we talk to you from dollywood is we've never been invited to dollywood. >> that's not true! >> gretchen: dolly in a minute. first your headlines. new video out of syria showing rebels shooting down a military helicopter. [ cheering ] unfortunately, that's a familiar chant when you see something like this. yep. they're chanting ala akbar, or alla is great. it's reportedly the first time they shot down a helicopter with a surface to air missile. >> steve: remember who new york city firefighters head to new orleans to help after hurricane katrina? firefighters from the big easy now returning the favor. 40 new orleans firefighters are headed to areas destroyed by sandy that will spend two weeks helping the fire department of new york clean houses and if need be, fight fires.
4:35 am
>> we want to inspire these guys, like they inspired us when we saw coming down here. >> there is hope. you can rebuild and you can come back. i'm speaking from experience, unfortunately. i lost my house in katrina and again recently in hurricane isaac. >> steve: southwest airlines heard about it and offered to fly all the firefighters to new york for free. >> brian: college in north carolina could be heading to court after taking the christmas out of christmas trees. yep. the alliance defending freedom group turning to sue western piedmont community college accusing them of violating the first amendment right. students submitted an announcement for their christmas tree sale. but when posted on-line, it was changed to holiday trees instead. the school apparently says it can't market the sale as a christian event. >> gretchen: one student may want to study the next time a science professor made sure the whole world could see the
4:36 am
students' wrong answer. you are got to come it your screen to check this out. the exam asks which park could be a volcano and the student circled gary busey! as in the actor! >> steve: he's a volcano. >> gretchen: i'm not sure he's a volume kay nome the student admitted to circling answers without looking. >> brian: everyone has their private strategyies. >> steve: i wonder if he will ever graduate. the reason i mention that in a hugely popular commencement speech he gave in 2009 at the university of tennessee, iconic music star dolly parton told graduates how her dream of making it big in the music industry took her from a install town in tennessee to the top of the entertainment business. >> the night i graduated from high school back in 1964, we were all asked to stand up and talk about what we were going to
4:37 am
do with the rest of our lives and everybody had a different story and when it came my time, i stood right up there and said, i'm going to nashville and i'm going to be a star. >> steve: and everybody laughed. >> and everybody laughed and now who is laughing now? >> steve: that's right. >> brian: you did exactly that. >> i was embarrassed at the time. it kind of hurt my feelings, but i didn't understand it. now years later, i realize people are not used to people having that big of dreams. >> brian: what was the -- what was their reaction? >> they laughed. or they said i'm going to get married or go to school here or there. mine was just off the wall and it was just kind of sudden and shocking 'cause i meant it. >> steve: but that's the whole point. >> i know that now. >> gretchen: that's why you're an inspiration to so many -- i'm going to say men and women. but women especially because you believed in yourself. you grew up dirt poor and you made the most of your life and that is annual amazing
4:38 am
accomplishment and so many women look up to you. >> thank you very much. i've had a lot of good help through the years. i've been blessed to work with a lot of great people. and we've got a lot of things going now. so you get to where you dream you want to be, then you should be able to help somebody else. that's what we do with the book. >> brian: it's called "dream more," it's out now. you take from that commencement speech and you have four principals that you got across. you couldn't believe how well it went over with these kids. so you made a book out of it. can you give us an idea of what they are? >> actually the chapters are all learn more -- dream more, learn more, care more and be more, which is principles or steps we have through our imagination library, which is my literacy program where we give free books to children from the time they're born 'til they start school. they've given away 47 million books. so when i did the speech, i talked a lot about that also. and people said, why don't you just -- the publishers and david doddson and ted miller that run the foundation, they said why
4:39 am
don't you write a book and expand more on the learn more and the care mores and the be more, just really make it more? so all the money from this goes to the imagination library to buy more books. >> steve: it seems like when you're a kid, you do mostly the dreaming in your life. then society or culture or whatever kind of, okay, i'm part of the machine. you stop dreaming. but this reminds awful us it's never too late. >> it's true. the older i get, the more dreams i want to have because i want to stay busy and you get in your second childhood, you have more childhood dreams. [ laughter ] it's true. i think it's wonderful to stay busy all the days of your life and you're never too old to dream. >> gretchen: what i found fascinate being reading the background of this speech preparation that led to the book was that you were actually -- you didn't feel you were worthy to give this commencement. >> i was afraid of it because i can write a song all day. i can talk and be funny and talk about stories leading up to why
4:40 am
i wrote a song and my life story. but when it comes to things like that, i didn't feel like i was smart enough or educated enough to really go out there and speak to these people that knew so much more. it's true. i'm a friend of the governor and i wasn't intimidated by him, but i just was a little uneasy because speeches are not my thing that much, unless i'm talking about something i know. and so i was uneasy. but that was what the book, it talks about how i was so nervous going out there. but they accepted it really well and hopefully there was some things that were said that day, at least being a local girl, it made them like me more and it didn't hurt that i sang "rocky top," their theme song when i first went out. that won them over a little bit. >> steve: a ice breaker. >> yeah. >> steve: in the back of the book you answer questions you are asked. is it true you met your husband at the lopped drove mat?
4:41 am
>> that's true. i met him. >> steve: your husband is one of the reasons you put on make-up every day? >> that's true. 'cause i don't want to go out like this, see all of you, get all made up and go home and look tacky for my husband. so i stay pretty much tidied up for him as well. >> gretchen: earlier we've been having this big discussion because this was an article written about the war on men and that i guess the marriage rate has fell for men wanting to get married. i was arguing that maybe it's because values have sort of lost track in our society and people are having children out of wedlock more so. this particular author was saying it's because women are working more and they're age spree men don't like to marry angry women. what do you think? >> my husband is not angry that i'm work. he can sit on his butt at home while i'm out here doing this. i'm the one you need to ask about that. i've been married for 46 years and very happy and he seems to be happy with me.
4:42 am
>> brian: do you find that women aren't acting like women anymore and men are not acting like men anymore? >> i think that's true with some men and some women, but not for everybody. i don't want to get into that silly conversation. let's let people that like to bitch a lot talk about it. i don't believe in it. you people. >> steve: out of your book, would you ever run for president? >> i always say and i'll say again, we have enough boobs in the white house. >> gretchen: all right! [ laughter ] >> steve: i read your book last night. it is terrific. >> thank you. >> steve: congratulations. check it out. it premieres today called "dream more, celebrate the dreamer in you." dolly parton, also known as the dolly mama. >> that's where a lot of the fun things in the back are for. this makes a nice christmas present. wraps really easy. >> steve: fit right in the stocking.
4:43 am
>> yeah. >> gretchen: and could you take us up on brian's request to come -- we'd like to come down to dollywood? >> you're always invited. i've always invited all of you. you just never can come. >> brian: how is the parking? is it possible? >> the parking? we'll get you in. we'll make sure you get in. i'll meet you at the forks. >> brian: you're exhausted by the time you get there. >> that's true. if we know you're coming, we'll take care of you. >> brian: all right. >> steve: thank you very much. >> good to see y'all. always enjoy doing this show. >> steve: straight ahead, pastor rick warren is here. he gave the invocation at president obama's inauguration. what does he think four years later? is our country better off? look who he's with right now. >> gretchen: he's being analyze the right now. >> brian: keith ablow will weigh in on your significant other. is he normal or nuts? what about your questions? we'll examine that. >> gretchen: born on this day in 1950, this jersey boy received an academy award nomination for the title role in "polluck." who is he? be the first to e-mail us with
4:44 am
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get adt installed starting at just $99. that's a $300 savings. you may even save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. ♪ . >> steve: it's a dance video that's gone viral, racking up more than 800,000 viewers and it's picked up at least one very unlikely supporter in mega church pastor rick warren. he tweeted, quote, gangam style has been my ring tone since july 20. somebody call him and see if that's true. could we soon see church goers dancing gangam style in the pews or is this a way to reach out to today's youth. let's greet pastor warren.
4:48 am
>> good to see you. that song came out five days earlier, i stay on the internet to listen to music and i like that. what was funny is after i posted that, the dancer site sent me a note that said, we put it on our web site. said here is pastor rick warren loves my song. >> steve: that's great. your book came out ten years ago, there was mo twit -- nitwitter. facebook wasn't as popular as now. so you're using this as a device to help young people understand you may not realize it, but some of your religious freedoms and liberties are drifting away from you. >> the reason i decided to update "purpose driven life" was that reason. these young adults, a lot of them are feeling discouraged. their life is in limbo. i spent four years in college, now i've been out one, two, three years without a job. some of them had to move back in with parents going, when does my life get to start? i thought, i'll reupdate
4:49 am
"purpose driven life" for that group. >> steve: i think you wrote two new chapters? >> i did. but what you just said was, i added all the social media thing. i added 40 videos to introduce each chapter. i added 30 -- 40, 30-minute audios tend of each chapter. so we added a lot of social media stuff to the book for this next generation. >> steve: that's good because a lot of kids don't go to church these days and they're drifting away from any religion at all and this is your chance because the premise of your book when it came out ten years ago was what's my purpose? why am i here on earth? >> three fundamental questions: existence, why am i alive? intention, what's my purpose? significance, does my life matter? everybody's got that question, those three questions. but especially people in their 20s. >> steve: absolutely. meanwhile, four years ago you invited john mccain and barak obama to sit down with you. you had a lovely forum.
4:50 am
this time we didn't do it. >> i felt there was too much emphasis on the negative. rather than either team promoting a solid vision, they were more just saying the other guy is a jerk. and i thought that's not civil and the whole purpose was to promote civility. i didn't think it was appropriate. >> steve: do you think you'll try it again in four years? >> i might. but i decided to do a national congress on religious liberty because these are being slowly eroded away. so in april, we're gog do a national congress on that instead. >> steve: all right. if people want to follow you on twitter, what's your hash tag. >> at rick warren. if you're not following me on twitter, you're going to hell. [ laughter ] >> steve: that's pretty definitive. ten years old, 60 million people read your book. thank you very much. >> thanks. good to see you. >> steve: next up, is it normal for your husband or boyfriend to still talk to his ex?
4:51 am
keith ablow is on the case next. first on this day in history back in 1997, "candle in the wind" by elton, number one [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:53 am
4:54 am
>> steve: ed harris is the answer to our aflac trivia question. the winner is jennifer loge of quincy, massachusetts. >> brian: am i normal or nuts? we ask that every day. the question we actually aspire to answer with dr. keith ablow when he comes in. >> steve: there he is right there. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: time for a couch call. e-mail number one: my
4:55 am
sister-in-law gives my nephew dolls to play with while my niece gets action figures. she says it is less restrictive. they play with gender appropriate toys, too, but i find her attitude nuts. what do you think? >> i would say to this woman your sister-in-law is drum roll, nuts. listen, here is the thing, i am fairly well-known for not loving gender bending. i don't think it helps anybody. i don't think it's so bad -- >> brian: my dad didn't want me to be with g.i. joes. he wasn't comfortable with that. >> unless they were clad in warrior gear. no. what's so bad about kids being able to be masculine and feminine, why do we have to wrench this into some sort of nongenderness? i think this woman is nuts. >> brian: all right. here is e-mail number two: my wife feels the need to keep male friends she has dated in the past. guys who have wanted to date her. is this normal behavior?
4:56 am
>> steve: sounds like trouble to me. >> normal behavior is often trouble and i consider her normal. >> brian: really? >> why? because she's the real deal. she had real feelings for these people. how do you just jetson people for whom you have real feelings in your life? you shouldn't. >> steve: lightning round, my brother often makes fun of the holiday gifts i give. i don't make much money and can't compete with him. but my gifts are thoughtful. his comments hurt me. am i being too sensitive or is he nuts? >> he's a crazy person. he's trying to hurt you. accept no gifts, give no gifts to this person otherwise you're nuts. are we ready to start the day? >> brian: you gored three people. you said two were uncurable. fantastic. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: by the way, e-mail us who has the best pin striped suit. let's talk sexy. >> steve: north korea's kim
4:57 am
jong-un named the sexiest guy alive. how a spoof story wound up in the news for real. >> brian: and the president is on the road again, this time he's trying to sell tax hikes. is that really a good idea? dana perino is sauntering in our direction. don't ask me how i know my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, november 28, 2012. i hope you're going to have a fan assistic day. another round of meetings with ambassador susan rice. but some people are saying why bother? these three senators met with her yesterday. they went face-to-face and they say they got no answers. >> steve: meanwhile, remember when our president said this? >> the last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. >> steve: maybe he forgot about that because now he's raising taxes, but is that going to get us anywhere? we're going to talk to the woman who is sitting next to me, dana perino, in a moment. >> brian: i can't wait. she seems so nice.
5:01 am
one educator says the way to stop bullies? massage them. >> steve: what? >> brian: and that's rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ . >> gretchen: i want to find out what shing cranks the tractor means. >> steve: she cranks my tractor. >> brian: you're not aware of this? >> gretchen: i'm surprised you know. >> i was a country music dj. i know what this means. >> gretchen: dustin lynch will be coming up at the end of the show. can you tell me, please, in the break? >> in the break. >> gretchen: obviously i think i know, but i've never quite heard it that way. >> there is a whole bunch of
5:02 am
allusions about tractor in country music. >> steve: as a former president of the future farmers of america, i can attest to that. >> you were? very good. >> steve: i was. >> brian: it's like a marine, you're never a former. >> steve: i've got the blue jacket. >> farmer steve, what's your question? >> steve: the president of the united states back in 2009 said you never raise taxes during a recession. we just heard that just a moment ago. now they're talking about this is the perfect time to raise taxes. >> right. he said that in 2009. he said it another time, which i think is slightly more important when you look at their comparison. in december of 2010, after the republicans won that big midterm election, the bush tax cuts were coming to an expiration date as well. what president obama said is the worst thing you can do is raise taxes in the middle of a low unemployment growth and high unemployment. let's extend them for two years. now we're at a point where the
5:03 am
expiration date is coming due again. but there is really nothing changed between the unemployment rate and slow economic growth. it's like 1.83% or something like that. mexico is 3.2%, for crying out loud. yet the fundamentals haven't changed. the politics changed. >> steve: the democrats were for them before they were against them. >> that's right. for me, i would just like really good policy to come out of washington. i think political revenge is not a good way to make good policy for all of us going forward. the republicans have said, we agree that the government needs more revenue, but we believe also that we have got to do something more on the spending side of things. and we have yet to see a plan from the president or from the senate democrats on what they would do on that end. i think that's where the focus should be over the next few weeks. >> brian: i think as americans, we can not take another campaign. we can not take a week of speeches -- >> steve: we're in the middle of it right now! >> from a political pr standpoint, if i were president
5:04 am
obama, i would be doing the same thing. >> gretchen: why? >> because one of the things that a president has to do is rally the nation, make sure they are on his side and persuade them that he's got the right idea. >> gretchen: he just did. he won the election. >> now he's got another fight. this is what they do best. >> gretchen: no. many people would argue that he won this election on this exact fight, on this whole class warfare, raising taxes on the rich, millionaires and billionaires, pay your fair share, 1%, 99%. >> well, maybe they decided they got to make sure they reshore it up. now, in some of those states where there are new democratic senators that will take office in january, they ran against president obama's plan. so perhaps he thinks he needs to do a little of that. but remember, this is also from a political pr standpoint, remember that's what i said i would do it as well, that he's got the republicans on the ropes and they know it. and republicans may seem a little in disarray, and trial for good reason. they did lose and there is party
5:05 am
splits. but i think that the conversation is healthy and people are staking out some territory. i really think that the republicans are on the right side of good policy. they just don't necessarily have the best politics. >> brian: my thought is if you go on the road with a plan, you have something to talk about. basically what he's going on the road is, ask we're going to raise tax rates. he's going to keep saying that. i was encouraged that senator dick durbin, number two ranking democrat, said we can't just up taxes on the rich and expect the budget to balance. he does think everything should be on the table. i would build off statements like that and i want to hear that. >> and also if i were the rip, i would focus on forget about the divisions we might have here. what about you and the democratic party? if you look at the "new york times" this morning, more stories with how the democrats are split about want to go try to do something to help president obama be pragmatic and on the other side, pulling back and saying we don't want any reforms to entitlement. >> gretchen: in nine, president obama went on the record and said he wanted to tackle
5:06 am
entitlements. remember that? >> yeah, sure. >> gretchen: if he, as many people argue, will be concerned about his legacy in his second term, why wouldn't he just stay in washington and take a leadership position and get something done? >> if he were more concerned about policy than politics, he actually could have supported president george w. bush when he did entitlement reform and immigration reform. in both of those things, the democrats and some republicans made sure that those bills didn't happen. but the problems are still the same ones. the solutions that they're talk being are the ones president bush suggested in 05 and 07. >> steve: a number of republicans came out with immigration ideas yesterday. we'll see if anything happens with that. on capitol hill yesterday, and from the pr standpoint messaging, this is your expertise, it was pretty much a catastrophe for susan rice. >> couldn't believe it. >> steve: she was sent out there, hey, go make nice with these people who don't like you. she didn't have the right answer or any answers.
5:07 am
the guy from the c.i.a. gave the wrong answer and how she's got to go back with hat in hand and make nice with a couple more. >> it surprised me that the meetings went so bad. i assumed when it was announced, it meant everything was going to be smoothed over and that those senators would come out and say, we had a good meeting and we appreciate her coming. that would have been all they needed to say. instead the senators are like, wait. we're even more concerned than we were before. their alarm bells went off and i admire them for stick to go their guns and not backing down in the face of much criticism that they're doing it because she was a woman. >> gretchen: the other thing is they had gone on the sunday talk shows and would seem to be aqueousing before the meeting happened. >> steve: they said we'll give her a chance. >> gretchen: even senator mccain was starting to say, oh, yeah, i might consider her for secretary of state. i think that's why you and others felt that maybe these meetings were preset in that way. two people are missing from this discussion and that's president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. what will it take to actually hear from the two of them as to
5:08 am
what actually happened in benghazi? >> also it would be nice to see some sort of concern or even outrage that the intel community got something so wrong when they put it forward. she's a public -- susan rice is dedicated her life to being a public servant. she's been embarrassed in front of the world. when maureen dodd of the "new york times" writes she's not qualified to be the secretary of state, that is from the far left, i think that was a more important thing than three republican senators being concerned about her. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if we talk about it on "the five" later. here is what i think, having said everything we've said about susan rice, not impressed with what i heard, cannot believe she said what she said, i imagine it's not going to go well. does president obama still say she's my pick? >> yes, because -- >> brian: does he want to spend that political capital on susan rice? >> they appear to have wanted to do so. i can't imagine that they
5:09 am
floated that trial balloon. it was popped. but yet they blow it up again and thrown it out there. i think they just are waiting for some time to pass. >> steve: in january they'll be closer. >> the president should get to be able to choose the nominees that they want. but i would remind these democrats, what they did to ambassador john bolton it make sure he could never be the u.n. ambassador action not even secretary of state, but to be the u.n. ambassador, he had a much deeper and better record than she does and they are being hypocrites now. >> steve: pay back. >> always pay back. >> steve: we'll watch you and brian, two of the five on "the five." >> yes, i will kick him under the table for you. >> brian: i will wear shin pads like gutfeld does. >> gretchen: i'll have to watch. now the rest of today's headlines. they're accused of locking the doors, can you believe this story -- they locked the doors and trapped workers inside of a
5:10 am
firey grave? three managers at the bangladesh factory where more than 100 people were killed in a fire are under arrest. they're accused of telling workers the fire alarms were just a drill and to get back to work. there were also no emergency exits for those poor people. the factory makes clothes shipped to the united states. the other white meat can make you sick. "consumer reports" tested samples of pork from supermarkets and found 69% contained a bacteria that can cause fever, cramps and other symptoms. the good news, the bacteria can be killed as long as the pork is cooked long enough. three bp employees set to appear in court on criminal charges for the deep water horizon explosion. the two men face manslaughter charges for the 11 men killed in the explosion. prosecutors say they ignored warnings from high pressure reading. former bp exec is accused of refusing to tell congress how much oil was leaking from the
5:11 am
well. they're all expected to plead not guilty. those are your headlines. >> steve: people lining up at this moment for the powerball jackpot now estimated at half a billion dollars. joining us live from tampa is our next guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. powerball tickets are selling as much as 100,000 tickets a minute. the big search coming today, we're live at the 7-11 in tampa, florida. this 7-11 has been slammed pretty much all morning. 7-11 stores is seeing a 25% increase in consumers because of this large jackpot. powerball is up to $500 million. if you decide to take the lump sum, for a single winner, that's $375 million. what do you do with all that money? powerb in 44 jurisdictions in the country. the odds of winning are very, very, very slim. one in 175 million.
5:12 am
223,510. by the way, if you decide to take the lump sum, you'll have to pay tax. after taxes, 232 million. what do you do with all that money? i have no idea. i've been trying to think about it all morning. i still don't know what to do. i guess buy a new car and house. >> steve: no kidding. or a fleet of them. thank you very much. all it takes is $2 and a dream. >> brian: right. and of course, everyone will probably end up with a piece of the puzzle. i think the winner should share, spread the wealth. >> gretchen: coming up, one educator claims she can stop school bullies by massaging them. that's rubbing a whole lot of people the wrong way. >> brian: remember the shrimp on the treadmill? you should, your tax dollars paid for it. the man who exposed this waste, senator tom coburn live here with a simple way the president can avoid the fiscal cliff [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
5:13 am
starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas
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5:16 am
>> brian: the cliff clock is ticking. there is five weeks for lawmakers to agree to terms to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff and tank our entire economy. according to the white house press secretary jay carney, the president has been doing some heavy lifting, too. >> the president is actively engaged in the numerous ways that i've already described in the meetings that he's already had and obviously in meetings with his team. so he is doing heavy lifting himself and will continue to do that. >> brian: our next guest has been an outspoken critic of president obama's leadership on budget negotiations and says stop wasting the money. we're joined by tom coburn, he's also an author. senator, do you have a sense that we're on a different path than the paths that led to us object live onover the last two, three, four years?
5:17 am
do you think these negotiations could end up promising? >> well, i think the fact that you're not hearing any details is good. you don't hear people trying to manipulate the negotiations that are ongoing through the press or the media. so look, we're going to solve this problem one way or the other. we're going to solve it eventually. the markets are going to solve it for us if we don't. we're not going to be greece. we're going to get our problems solved long before that because the market will force it. so hopefully we'll see in a short period of time something come together that is a solution that enough of us can agree on that actually solves the problem and solving the problem, we've got $80 trillion worth of unfunded liability and running trillion dollars deficits and you have to approach that. you can't just do that through increasing taxes on people. you have to actually modify programs and change the
5:18 am
long-term perspective. >> brian: have you seen indications at your level that the president, who does have a lot of respect for you and said in the past, is going to go along with that and say that publicly? entitlement reform will join revenue rising? >> well, again, i don't know what's going on inside the negotiations, so i can't say. but it's obvious that he's going to have to stand behind some significant changes in entitlement and i think what they're asking him is where is your plan? and i'm okay if he doesn't have to say that publicly right now, as long as he's saying that privately in negotiations and we'll see what comes out of that. >> brian: how encouraging -- are you encouraged or discouraged that the president is taking his act on the road to various different plans, talking about the need to avoid the fiscal cliff?
5:19 am
>> well, i'm kind of probably agnostic on that. to me, most of the people i talk to and work with know the kind of problems we're in in this country. if you have to campaign to win something, the most conservatives have said we understand more revenue is needed. it's how you get that revenue so that you don't hurt the economy. you actually get real revenue through growth. i don't think there is a large amount of disagreement on that. the key is there has to be a combination package of both revenue increases and a revenue program that actually promotes real growth, in other words, tax reform that actually promotes growth, combined with significant structural changes in the long-term expenditures for a major entitlement. let me just give you some examples, brian. in two years, the disability fund will be out of money. social security disability. there is not going to be any
5:20 am
payments. all right? so for everybody that's on disability, the one in 17 people in this country, one out of every 17 now is collecting a disability check, there ain't going to be money in less than two years. same thing in terms of medicare part a. the part a trust fund on the worst case -- best case scenario is going to last ten years. worst case, it will be gone in four years. so to not act on these things and not to address the real problem is putting your head in the sand. >> brian: i would feel a lot better if you were in charge. i hope the president understands the urgency. thank you for joining us today. >> good to be with you. >> brian: next up, talk about drama, melrose place star behind bars convicted of homicide? then worried about someone stealing your identity turns out chances are it's a family member. financial guru dave ramsy is here next on how to keep your cash safe i love the holidays.
5:21 am
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♪ nespresso. what else?
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines now. four u.s. service women are suing the military to end the ban on serve not guilty direct combat positions. they argue women often find themselves engaged in combat anyway and they claim they're denied promotions because many leadership positions come with the combat jobs. check it out, kate middleton is sporting a new do. the new look is on the right. it's a little bit darker and now she has some long bangs. i don't know if i could really tell that much of a difference. >> steve: it's bouncing a lot of life. >> brian: still seems happy.
5:25 am
>> steve: she does. all right. meanwhile, this is something unhappy. last year more than 11 million people were victims of identity theft and shockingly, one out of 11 cases are caused when a family member mishandles your information. joining us with tips to protect yourself during this christmas season is personal finance expert dave ramsey. let's start with that headline right there. a lot of people victimized by identity theft and it's a family member to blame? >> yeah. another one out of ten are somebody that you know, like a roommate, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, those kinds of things. a loft it's fairly close to home. that makes it particularly sad because you have to file a police report to not have to pay the debt. so it really creates a real mess when someone scummy enough to steal your identity. >> brian: how do you guard against that, not have friends or don't keep if touch with family? >> you got to christmas both carefully, i guess. >> gretchen: you can't choose your family members, my friend.
5:26 am
[ laughter ] , i'm kidding. >> we're stuck with those. you have to just be careful and thoughtful and if there is a toxic situation with a relationship, you just got to be aware of that. you always want to have identity theft protection. you don't want to fool around with suspicious web sites. the type of protection you want is always one that assign has case worker to work out the problems for you. that's the biggest problem with identity theft. you don't owe the money when someone steals it. you just got to clean up the mess. >> steve: one of your tips was avoid suspicious web sites. this time of year, a lot of people are shopping on-line and if you're not an amazon or one of the big ones, you might think should i really trust this person with my credit card number. >> brian: weasel >> that would be a clue right there. if they don't have a security badge on there of some kind, like a veri sign. sometimes a computer will pop up and say are you sure you want to do this? you can check your guidelines quickly. you don't have to be a computer
5:27 am
geek to do that. you really should. don't throw your numbers around out there. if people start e-mailing you, that's called phishing, asking you for information, be very careful with that. that's something you want to stay completely away from. >> gretchen: okay. here is some e-mails. janet from florida has this question. i hope it doesn't stump you. what if the best -- what is the best way to dispute an item on my credit report? >> the federal fair credit reporting act gives the consumer basic guidelines and basic rights. if there is something on your credit report that is inaccurate, you have the right to dispute it and if they can not prove that the item is accurate within 30 days, they have o remove it. now, if someone is reporting inaccurate information, they may rereport it and you have to go through the process again. but what we recommend is you write the credit bureau agency a letter, certified mail, return receipt requested so you have proof they received it and then let that denial do you see start and 30 days later you're out.
5:28 am
>> brian: jake writes, i do my shopping on-line and use a credit card because i'm worried i won't have the same fraud protection by use anything debit card. is this true? >> that's the biggest myth out there about the debit card. the debit card, visa and mastercard has the exact same fraud protections that a credit card has. exact. you have zero liability in the event someone steals your information in a credit card or a debit card. >> gretchen: that must be costing credit card companies just lots of money a year because it seems like there is so much more fraud and ways to keep up with it are not intact. >> they don't do a very good job underwriting the issuing of credit cards. they only check the credit on about one in ten of the applications. they're a massively large industry that's using a shotgun approach. they invite identity theft into their industry by their lack of underwriting skills. >> steve: let's see if you made people's holidays happier. dave ramsey joining us from nashville, thank you. have a great week.
5:29 am
>> thank you. merry christmas, guys. >> steve: merry christmas. >> gretchen: taxpayers shelling out big bucks for teach force get plastic surgery? wait 'til you hear how much more, and it's not just dollars, nails. >> brian: then do you think you'll have an invention that will make you a millionaire? stick around. find out how to go about cashing in [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ . >> brian: shot of the morning. kim jong-un, the sexiest man alive? yes. that according to the onion. chinese newspaper with a subscription of 3 million thought so after falling for that spoof from that magazine we call the onion. not getting the satire, the paper ran the joke as a real story, calling the leader the, quote, every women's dream come true. unfortunately, he's married. he's spoken for. so you got to move on to another brutal dictator. >> steve: but you can still be sexy and married, brian. >> brian: that's true. but he's just not available. i don't want to give people the wrong message. >> gretchen: the only woman who wins in that situation is the one who might be married to him because women in his country have no other rights. >> brian: that's true. or light. >> gretchen: or anything.
5:34 am
>> steve: meanwhile, ceo's from some of the nation's top companies including goldman sachs, macy's and cook, meeting with the president today to weigh in on how to avoid the fiscal cliff and a term used to describe december 31 when damaging amounts of taxes and budget cuts are going to take effect. of course, molly henneberg is live at the white house with more on the cliff. >> good morning, steve and brian and gretchen. yes, ceo's and also today middle class families, the obama administration had asked middle class families to tell their stories about how it would impact them if congress followed the president's plan and extended those bush era tax cuts. today 85 of those people who responded to that request will be here at the white house meeting with the president. today the white house is also launching hash tag my 2 k on twitter for people to send in more experiences. it stands for my 2,000, a reference to $2,200 that the president says middle class families will save if the bush era tax cuts are extended. it's part of a push to get
5:35 am
americans to press their elected leaders to make a deal to extend the tax cuts for everyone except those families making over $250,000. republicans have said they're prepared to talk about raising taxes on wealthier americans if democrats will agree to cut entitlement spending. which the white house seemed to agree with. >> it is the president's position that when we're talking about a broad balanced approach to dealing with our fiscal challenges, that that includes dealing with entitlements. >> but carney said earlier this week that social security should be off the table for these negotiations this year and that top senate democrat harry reid agreed with that. but republicans say that all entitlements, medicare, medicaid, and social security should be part of these negotiations, be part of this discussion. >> you've got to reform entitlement programs. it's got to be on the able. so far the president has beenen
5:36 am
willing to lead on that issue. >> and as steve was saying, ceo's of major businesses will be at the white house today, goldman sachs, cater pillar, macy's and others, will be talking fiscal cliff with the president and a couple of those ceo's, in addition to others o'clock will head up to capitol hill to meet with republican leaders on the same topic. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much for that update. now to your other top stories. new video out of syria showing rebels shooting down military helicopter. watch this. [ cheering ] we heard that chant before, that's ala akbar, as the chopper plunges to the ground in a ball of flames. it's reportedly the first time the rebels shot down a helicopter with a surface to air missile. >> brian: tough to find a side to root for. real life drama for a former
5:37 am
"melrose place" star. the actress found guilty of vehicular homicide for killing a woman while driving drunk back in 2010. she admitted to drinking several glass of wine before getting behind the wheel. she sped off before the other driver could call the cops. she faces up to ten years in prison. >> gretchen: it's your tax dollars hard at work, people who live in buffalo, new york, spent a whopping $2.7 million last year for the public school teachers to get plastic surgery. that's according to a new report by eag, nonprofit group. the procedures provided under their union contract from 2004. but we're not really sure what exactly they were. >> brian: if you're looking for steve, don't look on the couch. we sent him outside for cool stuff and a cool segment on entrepreneurs. >> steve: that's right a. cool sight on hawaii right now. we'll get to that in a minute. lava flowing so fast and furious from the kilauea volcano. it's reaching the ocean for the
5:38 am
first time in nearly a year. it's the most active of all of hawaii's volcanos. it's been erupting since 1983. meanwhile, good old american ingenuity at work as convention usa searches the nation for the next great creation. here to show us some of the amazing creations are the show's hosts. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: so somebody, the great thing about your show is they've got an invention and you give them the opportunity to actually see it become something solid. >> we work with them. we analyze their invention, and then we give them an opportunity, if we approve, to introduce them to a manufacturer. >> we go to them. we travel around the united states, finding them. that's what's so cool. >> steve: tell bus this n this is the rescue five. this is for a tsunami, if there is -- >> steve: do you have time to climb in there? >> that's the dream. >> you're given a warning. >> steve: very good.
5:39 am
it's probably weighted at the bottom. >> it's weighted at the bottom. you're safe inside. it's god foot and everything you could want. >> steve: i would want maybe some beer. this is the human hoist. >> this is kevin. >> steve: hi, kevin. what does this do? >> it's the ultimate shop chair. helps people who work on a shop in the automotive industry work on their vehicles. >> steve: hi, low? >> yes. >> like the creeper. >> steve: just do it. >> he made this in his shop with his own tools. this is made. >> steve: that is so cool! i want that just to watch tv. >> exactly. >> steve: next stop over here, the dust t. >> this is for people working on a construction site. lots of dust blowing in your face. >> steve: you don't need the little mask. >> exactly. >> steve: very good. i love this next one here. >> this is a lot of fun. called trongs, a new type of crew tensele keeping your happened completely clean. doesn't keep his hands with any
5:40 am
dirt on them. >> steve: great. >> it seems crazy, but think about it, you're not all gooey and dirty. >> steve: it's a great way to enjoy finger food. very good. and finally, the tree rider. >> this is awesome! the best part about this is he built this for his brother who has ms. he wanted to fix it. this was about not making a lot of money, it's i need to fix something. >> steve: what's your name? >> tony. >> steve: what does this do? >> free stand that takes you up the tree automatically, no physical effort required. >> steve: does it go up? >> yes. i'll show you how it's done. >> isn't that awesome? >> steve: it's crazy! >> if you're a hunter or you want to do work on a power line, and he made this himself in his garage. >> steve: stop now. >> amazing. >> steve: that's fantastic. i understand the season premiere tonight on history, right? >> absolutely. "invention usa."
5:41 am
>> it's all about finding people in their homes and grabbing seeing and seeing their unknown knewity. >> steve: thank you all for bringing your inventions. >> thank you. >> steve: let's go back inside for a quick look at what's coming up. >> i saw stuart varney with those tongs having those buffalo wings before. more on that story tomorrow when he comes in and denies it. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: how dare he eat those without inviting us. >> brian: meanwhile, next up. >> gretchen: one educator claims she can stop school bullies by massaging them. >> brian: yes. i don't feel nearly as hostile. >> gretchen: we're not kidding about this story. that's coming up next. >> brian: then the song "cowboys and angels," dustin lynch is here to perform live. there he is [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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>> brian: quick headlines now. light, 50 feet of ice. yep. scientists drilled into antarctica's lake and shocked to find it teeming with bacteria. despite having it completely sealed off, the water's 13 degrees below zero and a lot colder. walking to school could help kids learn more in class. look at that. researchers found children who were taken to school in transportation didn't concentrate as well as those who were dropped off at school. experts say it helps them stay awake and feel refreshed if they
5:46 am
would just take a bike. we'll continue to study that story. now we'll go upstairs and talk about something really important. >> gretchen: thanks, brian. it has to do with school as well. talk about a hands on approach. one california-based educator is claiming student to student massages can reduce or prevent bullying. is that a good idea? let's ask amber winkler, at the think tank. she's also a former high school teacher. i'm trying to wrap my head around this, amber, because first of all, kids are sort of taught at school to keep their hands off of each other. >> yes. exactly. >> gretchen: so what's up with the theory? >> yeah. so the theory is bunk. i think it's absurd. there is no research that says massage is going to decrease bullying. it's absolutely insane. i was a teacher myself. you spend half the day telling kids to keep their hands off one another. you definitely don't want to invite them to touch each other.
5:47 am
besides that, it sounds like a recipe for lawsuits, sexual harassment, abuse cases, you name it. we live in ally to my knowledgeious society. this is opening up a big can of worms. >> gretchen: besides the fact that would it even work? mirror is the statement from the person behind it. peer massage is a way students can learn to give and receive nurturing touch, the kind of touch that destress, the kind of touch that says i accept you because it stimulates oxy toesen. it's an activity which builds trust and connection. peer massage creates an atmosphere of social inclusion. here is the thing, amber, when my daughter went through some bullying, we sent her to a self-defense class so that she would know how it stand up for herself and feel empowered. not give somebody a massage. >> yes. i hate to give a personal anecdote, but i must. my sister was bullied as a child as well. what did she do to stop the bullying? punched the girl in the nose. what i say, punch the bull cree
5:48 am
in the nose? no. but i can say that it probably changes the situation more than kids giving each other massages and schools change the situation for my sister. they ended up being best friends after that. action but also don't punching want them touching each other in school. we want them learning reading, writing and arithmetic. >> gretchen: so much of this has to do with parenting because many times, the bullying kids have problems at home. i got to wrap it up there, but thanks so much for your insights. >> thank you. >> gretchen: he barely passed his high school music class. look at him now. ♪ crank, tank the tractor ♪ ♪ she cranks, cranks ♪ . >> gretchen: i get it now. justin lynch is getting an a plus from fans. here next to perform his brand-new song. first let's check in with mar this mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. don't you wish you could have that kind of music op your show,
5:49 am
too? >> i do. i love the end of your show 'cause we get treated to that. thank you so much. good morning, everybody. well, as the fiscal cliff and two sides seem to be digging in, we've got senator imhoff and others to battle it out. and peter king on susan rice. the most important question for the potential secretary of state may be what does she really believe about the threat of al-qaeda? bill and i will see you on that and much more at the top of the hour [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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5:52 am
>> brian: he's one of country music's hottest new artists with his debut album hitting number one in the charts. thanks to this single "cowboys and angels." >> steve: now country singer dustin lynch is out with his second single and he joins us live in just a moment.
5:53 am
you'll be performing "che cranks my tractor, which is the perfect song for the holidays. >> definitely is. the video is perfect also. >> steve: was that tease accurate? you got a c in music? >> i did, yeah. i got a c. >> brian: how can that be? >> i think i just talked a lot. i'm making it work now. >> brian: the path to stardom was not easy, correct? >> i started eight, nine years ago. been working hard since. it's been a fun ride. >> steve: you want to do a number for us? >> let's do it. >> steve: here he is, "she cranks my tractor". ♪ she's a wild rose waiting on
5:54 am
me at the end of the road ♪ ♪ between the water tower and the power line ♪ ♪ we're a cloud of dust who wants to get her bubble in my pick up truck ♪ ♪ ten pounds of sugar and five pound sack, hollywood and a grand cap ♪ ♪ she's the first woman with the hay out back. ♪ girl like that is what a country boy's at ♪ ♪ she cranks, cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ her and the back road ♪ fuel pump from the radio ♪ fields sliding by
5:55 am
♪ she can hit the branch with a broad every time ♪ ♪ she's the first one with the hay in the back ♪ ♪ girl like that where's a country boy's at ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ five pound sack ♪ long straight away on a quarter mile track ♪ ♪ she got a kiss that will hit you like a heart attack ♪ ♪ i've got the rifle, she's got the rack ♪ ♪ she's the first woman with the hay out back ♪ ♪ girl like that's what a
5:56 am
country boy is at ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor. ♪ she's the first woman with the hay out back ♪ ♪ girl like that's what a country boy's at ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ she cranks, she cranks, she cranks my tractor ♪ ♪ oh, hang on, girl ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪
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>> gretchen: tomorrow bob massi, michelle malkin and john stossel

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